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Buck (male)

A Flash of Gold and White!
Nigerian DwarfBuck (male)Gold; some white splashes | ADGA# D16022137 yrs

CAE, Johne's Disease Negative. Bucky is a sweet and gentle Nigerian Dwarf goat. ...

Not for Sale
Mister Tea is really Stunning!!
Nigerian DwarfBuck (male)Minimally Marked Cou Clair | ADGA# D15983861 yr

CAE Negative. Beautiful well put together Buck. Really excited to watch him develope. ...

Not for Sale

Doe (female)

What a beautiful girl!!
NubianDoe (female)black; white markings,spots;wht/ear | ADGA# AN17921243 yrs 

She is a beautiful sleek looking Nubian. She is black in color and also has white spots and white ears. She has a very sweet personality. She has a beautiful udder both in shape and capacity and we a...

Not for Sale
Look for her next year at the shows
Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Chamoisee | ADGA# D19019842 yrs 

RE: HNZ1, LE: J14...

Not for Sale
Sweet and Sassy!!
Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Chamoisee with white;White tail tip | ADGA# D18916132 yrs 

RE:HNZ1, LE: J1...

Not for Sale
Sweet little Girl!!
Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Buckskin;WhitePol &Tailtip: Wattles | ADGA# D19019782 yrs 

RE: HNZ1, LE: J7...

Not for Sale
Beautiful and Loyal!!
NubianDoe (female)Brn w/blk dorsal stripe, wht/ears | ADGA# N17904243 yrs

This girl is knock dead gorgeous She follows us around like a little puppy dog. She loves being with us at milking time, mending of the fences and chores. Her milk production is out of this world. ...

Just a taste of the Good Times
Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)White with tan spots | ADGA# D19648122 yrs 

Not for Sale
Sweet and Gentle!!
Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Broken Chamoisee | ADGA# D1746058, AGS# D-801165 yrs 

Tattoo: RE: STF LE: E12...

Not for Sale

Kid (male)

Great Little Buckling, nice boots!!
Nigerian DwarfKid (male)Tan with Black and whiteUnder 1 yr

Black as Night!
Nigerian DwarfKid (male)Black with spot of white on Head | ADGA# 2 yrs

This Guy Is Flashy!!!
Nigerian DwarfKid (male)White, Brown, and Black BootsUnder 1 yr

This Little Guy will win your Heart!
Nigerian DwarfKid (male)Brown Chammise w/ black bootsUnder 1 yr

Just a Hoppin Good Time
Nigerian DwarfKid (male)Tan with Black | ADGA# Under 1 yr

Good to the last drop!!
Nigerian DwarfKid (male)Chocolate and White | ADGA# Under 1 yr

Loves to Jump on Mom!!
Nigerian DwarfKid (male)Brown and Black | ADGA# 2 yrs

No time to stand still!
Nigerian DwarfKid (male)Choc/tan white belt and choc/bootsUnder 1 yr


Kid (female)

Just a "Princess"
Nigerian DwarfKid (female)Tan and White | ADGA# 2 yrs

Salt and Pepper beautiful !!
Nigerian DwarfKid (female)Grey and White | ADGA# Under 1 yr

So Many Colors!!
Nigerian DwarfKid (female)saltnpepper/black bootsUnder 1 yr

This flashy girl is a winner! Beautiful markings and lots of color....


Wether (male)

Just along for the Ride!!
Nigerian DwarfWether (male)Tan and White | ADGA# , AGS# 1 yr

Not for Sale